5 Sunken Objects is a mission in Hungry Shark Evolution that is assigned to the Tiger Shark. This mission is one of eight standard missions of the Tiger Shark. Completing this mission takes you one step closer to unlocking Super Mission 4.

How to Complete

Find any five sunken objects in the game in one gameplay session with the Tiger Shark to complete this mission. The reward for doing so is 600 coins.  

The sunken objects the Tiger shark is closest to are Toy Robot (but the player must pay attention to the 3 mines at the entry) and Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Clockwork Robot Gibbon is not far either. 

The Horse Shoe needs a little extra detour but should be accessible also. 

If your Tiger shark has good boost and your health bar is good, you can also jump into the Bog Brush pool (From the right, meaning you'll have to briefly jump into a pool with a toxic barrel, and then another one, before you get to the one with the Bog Brush. You probably won't be able to jump high enough to achieve this directly from the left yet, unless you have a Jetpack). For this reason, ending the mission with Bog Brush is a good strategy.  

One might just as well decide to go for the Ghetto Blaster on the last island you reach before Skull Island, wich is very easy to get with a Jetpack. Electric Guitar can be reached at the extreme west, but bthere could be evil great whites which may lurk around this area. Even though comparatively closer, the Teddy Bear in the extreme east is a dangerous challenge, unless unless the player is good at slaloming around 5 large mines

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