Abysshark is a new shark added in the most recent Hungry Shark Evolution update (Feb 3, 2020). It is a shark from the deeps that can use its Void Mouth . He has a max size of 15 meters, and a max health of 700 (50 more than the previous shark, Sharkjira). When playing as the Abysshark large cavern rocks can also can be obliterated by this shark.



Abysshark is a big bulky shark with spikes on his back. Abysshark looks like a demogorgon, from the show Stranger Things.


  • Void Mouth
  • Rock Breaking
  • Mind Control (Stuns enemies)

Pros and cons


  • Fast
  • Huge Health
  • Void Mouth
  • Can eat everything (as of Feb 5, 2020)
  • When equipped with the Vortex, it has a very big radius
  • (Mostly) easy missions!


  • Big
  • Massive Health Drain
  • Can be more vulnerable to submarines
  • Colossal size makes it get stuck on rocks



Most of the missions are easy to complete, even without accessories or babies, while some missions are nearly impossible to complete (Sharkain Bolt) without accessories and maybe The Shadow Over Sharksmouth, which is easier with equipment like the jetpack. Sharkmmelier is easy to complete with the portal to Shawaii  there look for the cups green, purple and other colors usually near the surface but in the water.

Name Objective Reward
Vacuum Cleaner Aspire 500 enemies using Void Mouth 8500
Sharkfluencer Munch 800 enmies under the effect of Mind Control 8500
Sharkmmelier Taste 50 Capirnha, coconut or pineapple cocktails 8500
The Shadow Over Sharksmouth Swallow 20 flying objects with the Void Mouth 9250
Doppelshaker escape alive from 8 encounters with enemy Abyssharks 9250
In The Mouth Of Sharkness Aspire 300 enemies in less than 2 minutes 9250
Sharkain Bolt Reach the crab lair in less than 50 seconds after starting a new run 10000
Shark From The Abyss survive for 2 minutes at minus 150 meters or less from the surface of the water 10000
Super Mission 14 Score 400,000,000 points


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