The Accessory Shop is a feature in Hungry Shark Evolution. In it, players can purchase new accessories for their sharks, read about accessories they don't have, and equip purchased accessories. There are numerous accessories in the Accessory Shop, and all but a few have different effect on gameplay. (Such as Blood Bath making the game more gory, or the pictures above increasing gold or points, etc)

Some accessories require unlocking to be used. Certain accessories can be unlocked by unlocking a new shark, performing in-game tasks, simply entering the game or taking part in special events.

Accessing the Accessory Shop

To access the accessory shop, you must go to the home screen of the Hungry Shark Evolution application, and select "Evolve". Then, select the shark you would like to customise and select "Play". This will take you to the shop.

Getting Accessories

Some accessories can be unlocked freely, or are awarded through gameplay or simply logging in, such as the Witch's Hat, Jetpack and Fin Free.

Most of the accessories however require purchase, using coins and gems. The price of each accessory generally varies based on effectiveness, but some others are priced disregarding of their effectiveness.

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