The Aircraft Carrier is a location in Hungry Shark World located at the right edge of the Pacific Islands. The area is full of ocean life and scenery. The Aircraft Carrier is home to a large shipwreck. It is longer than the Galleon Wreckage. There is also a shark cage nearby evil great white sharks, making the Aircraft carrier dangerous. There is also an Island just like the Island of Heads to the right of the Aircraft Carrier.

Entities and items


  • The shipwreck in the Aircraft Carrier cannot be entered like the Galleon Wreckage. It has two holes in it that allow your shark to go to an island.
  • Due to the abundance of creatures in the Aircraft Carrier, It is a good spot for gold rushes and even mega gold rushes. It is also a good place for finding HUNGRY letters.
  • You can hear an ambience while you are in the Aircraft Carrier. It sounds like two chains carrying something.
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