Although it's cute, this alien baby packs quite a bite!
— In-game description.
Alan Junior


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Alan Junior is the latest baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.


Alan Junior is the companion and baby version of Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. When equipped, it accompanies Alan in a similar behavior to the other baby sharks, devours any prey in its path along with an extra 35% Stamina to Boost.

Like the Baby Megalodon, Little Daddy, and Snappy Junior, Alan Junior decreases the health drain of its parent, which for this instance is Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.

Alan Junior is also one of the three baby sharks without the word "Baby" in its name.


Alan Jr costs 900 Gems, much like the Zephyr Baby, & King Baby.


Much like Snappy Junior, Alan Junior gives a 35% increase to the parents Stamina & eats anything that Alan, Destroyer of Worlds can prey on. As mentioned before, it can reduce the health drain of its parent.


  • This one of the 6 baby sharks that does not have baby it its name.
  • This baby costs as much as his dad who is also 900 gems if Alan is bought with gems.


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