The Alien Planet was a dimension in Hungry Shark Evolution. To get to the alien planet, you had to look for the Alien Planet Portal near the Crashed Spaceship. The alien planet featured lots of exclusive enemies including Spaceships, Space Mines. and Alien Cities. The portal to get to the Alien Planet is next to a sunken spaceship in the normal world. The Alien Planet Portal (now Shawaii Portal) is where the Tiger Shark lands from the start. As of the 2017 Shark Week update, it was replaced by Shawaii.


  • If you go to a tight space near the surface, you'll see a city, eating the city will replenish health and possibly yield a gem. This is probably the only destroyable structure (unless you are playing as Sharkjira, who can destroy buildings)
  • At the border located at the very right, if you jump out of the water there'd be a floating space mine.
  • Jumping far enough reveals there are actually space pelicans!
  • A glitch sometimes caused the shark to stay at the normal dimension, so the game will be stuck at a screen with a glimpse of the sky. To fix this, you probably need to quit the game.
  • Sometimes there is a spaceship near the spawn.
  • Buying the Tiger Shark activates the portal.
  • This area got replaced by the Shawaii location.



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