The Angler Nest is a location in Hungry Shark Evolution inhabited by a large concentration of Anglerfish. This area is very dangerous due to the aggressive nature of Angler Fish and their powerful attacks.

At the same time, it can be an easy place to complete Angler Attack, due to the number of Angler Fish there.


Angler Nest sign.


The Angler Nest can be found in an underwater cavern under the Crab Lair and above the Moon on a Stick cavern. Leading to the cavern is a tunnel, in which a sign with the label "Angler Nest" and a picture of one is situated.



The Angler Nest on the map.

 The Angler Nest is home to dozens of Angler Fish. As all of these fish are aggressive, and of different sizes, the Angler Nest is a very dangerous place to be in. At least three or four Angler Fish are likely to strike at any given time.

On the left side of the nest some Blob Fish can be found near the Jade Dragon.

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