"An area of rich pickings but facing environmental devastation"

- In game description

The Arabian Sea is the third location in Hungry Shark World. It requires a minimum of eight sharks. The setting seems to take place before sunset with a partly cloudy sky. Due to the time of day, the clouds appear to be yellow. The water in this area is turquoise green unless you go to the left of the map where it is brownish green due to the pollution in the area. This seems to be the most polluted area in the game, as junk is rather common and spilled oil can be found near the oil rig and pipes.

Entities and Items



  • This location has the least unique prey out of all of the four areas in the game.
  • Red Jellyfish seem to spawn here the most out of the four areas.
  • This is the only area in Hungry Shark World that does not have a bird species exclusive to the area.
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