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The Arctic Land was a special location in Hungry Shark Evolution that was almost a mirror image of the Christmas Wonderland added in the 2014 Christmas update. The Arctic Land was added on the 11th of February 2015 along with the Arctic Land Portal. The Arctic Land could only be reached via said portal, and can only be visited every 12 hours. The Arctic Land was an easy way to get gold and points and would be very useful when using sharks such as Megalodon, Big Daddy and Mr.Snappy.

Each visit to the Arctic Land was time limited. Time was represented by an on-screen meter, and once the timer reaches zero seconds, your shark was transported back to the standard world. The timer could’ve been increased by consuming specific or special objects or creatures, such as penguins or certain cakes.

Arctic PortalZ

The portal to the arctic land.


The Arctic Land resembles a small section of the Arctic. It still has Christmas themes, being almost exactly the same as the Christmas Wonderland; for example, Candy Canes still form the vertical barriers on either end of the Arctic Land, as they did in the Christmas Wonderland.

The Arctic Land introduced a new host of enemies to Hungry Shark Evolution. Some enemies included the all-new hunters, who throw lightly damaging spears. They were clad in thick clothes suited for the cold, reflecting the Arctic Land’s climate.

Arctic Native

Arctic natives.

Enemies and Hazards

  • Enemy Ice Sharks
  • Bad Santa
  • Ice mines
  • Natives
  • Enemy Big Daddy
  • Helicopters
  • Snowmen
  • Jellyfish (blue)
  • Divers
  • Enemy Robo Sharks
  • Enemy Mr. Snappies


Cold Rushes

Instead of the Gold Rushes normally seen in the standard map, in the Arctic World, the superior Cold Rushes occur instead. During cold rushes, all live prey is frozen and even inanimate objects are imprisoned in ice cubes. In addition, all live prey becomes golden, as per the usual gold rushes.

Strategy Notice for point-geared SUPER MISSIONS

It is very easy to score lots of points in Cold Rushes, which means that'if you have a SUPER MISSION with a high point milestone to reach, you may have a better chance of accomplishing your mission by starting it in the Arctic!


  • In earlier versions of the game, the Arctic Land sky consisted of a bluish gradient with multiple little snowflake. It was later changed to use the same sky as the default playing area.
  • In earlier versions of the game, the bottom of the Arctic Land conistsed of an invisible barrier. It was later changed so that a small sheet of ice on the ocean bottom would follow the player around and prevent them from going further.
  • The Sharkeleon update replaced the Arctic Land with the Titanic map, causing the Arctic Land to be removed.

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