Arctic PortalZ
The Arctic Land Portal is a special feature in Hungry Shark Evolution that transports the player's shark to the Arctic Land for a limited amount of time. This feature can only be used every twelve hours in real time. The Portal is located on a sea bed at the Reef Shark /Megalodon spawn point.


The user's shark remains stationary for a few seconds in front of the Portal if they wish to use it. After a very brief wait, the user is whisked away to the Arctic Land.

The Arctic Land to which your shark is transported via the Arctic Land Portal is almost exactly like the Christmas Wonderland that was added as special Christmas content in the Christmas update of 2014.

Arctic Land Notes

Once the player enters Arctic Land, they will have a one-minute timer which, once the time has elapsed, will send the player back to the main land, the timer can be extended by eating penguins, and penguins only.

Unfortunately, an Enemy Megalodon may be waiting for you after exiting the portal, thus causing a problem to small sharks.


  • When you exit Arctic Portal sometimes gliched prey may appear.
  • After exiting the Arctic Portal your shark may glitch into an extremely thin shark (has no effect on gameplay but also makes your prey take longer to disappear after eaten).
  • After exiting the Arctic Portal, the Enemy Megalodon may not instantly appear. If you move away from the Arctic Portal and come back to the area then the Enemy Megalodon will spawn.
  • Although the Arctic Portal requires 12 hours to be accessed again, this is not true. If the player logs out of the game (on an "iPad" or an "iPhone") by double tapping the home button and swiping the game up, then when the player comes back the Arctic Portal will function. This is how players can constantly access Arctic World.

The Arctic Portal, shortly before it takes effect.


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