"An icy wilderness home to many unique species."

-In game description

The Arctic Ocean is the second location in Hungry Shark World. It requires at least fоur sharks. This area seems to be set at sunset in a mostly cloudy sky. It snows in areas like the Village and the Military Base. The atmosphere seems to be cold, as there is ice, snow, eskimos, and animals such as seals and cod that you'd see in cold waters. The water is purplish blue and is covered with thick sheets of ice. These can be destroyed with a boost with a medium shark and up. These ice sheets will also regenerate over time.

Entities and Items

(*The Kempy Foot only spawns sometimes and sometimes may not spawn at all)



  • Hence the in-game description, the Arctic Ocean has the most exclusive prey out of all three areas of the game.
  • The Arctic Ocean icon is an Igloo.
  • The Arctic Ocean is a lot more sophisticated than the Arctic Land from Hungry Shark Evolution, as it has more unique prey, a bigger size, deep sea creatures, underwater currents, unique birds, and aquatic plants.
  • The Arctic Ocean has its own unique track that plays on occasion.
  • Although Emperor Penguins can be found here in the game, in real life they can NOT be found here. They instead can be found in the Antarctic Circle.
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