This sneaky shark works in the dark waters to serve the light, he has contracts on the lives of every shark you might meet!
— In-game description.
Baby Assassin Shark poster

The Assassin Shark is a baby shark, added in Hungry Shark Evolution in the March 2017 update. It wears a cloak from Assassin's Creed to commemorate the Assassin's Creed movie.


The Assassin Shark is a Baby Thresher. It has a blue back, white underside, a tail fin with a long, curved top fin, and deep, black, iris-less eyes. It wears a cloak that resembles Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's cloak from Assassin's Creed. The cloak is white with a red collar inside around the neck. It has large belt around the belly and covers a large red ribbon, also around the belly. The belt most likely carries its knives. On the back is an explorer's satchel, presumably for decoration. He looks like the thresher from World.


The Assassin Shark "assassinates" stronger enemies. It can throw knives that can automatically kill enemies or prey. Occasionally, it eats the prey themselves to replenish your health meter.


The Assassin Shark Costs 900 gems, but some people got it for free by glitching or hacking.


  • The Assassin Shark is one of the 6 Baby sharks who dont have baby in their names.
  • In the shop, the Assassin Shark smiles while in the field, there is no visible smile.
  • For unknown reasons, The Assassin Shark doesn't kill King of Summer, Jellyfish, and Seal Mum nor hurt The Giant Enemy Crab.
    • It also can't destroy Mines or Boats.
  • Enemies (both Prey and Predator) killed by Assassin Shark will display its unique accolade. Those accolades either "Death From Below", "Knife in the Dark" and "Requistcat in Pace".
  • His black eyes could say that he is an Mako Shark. although the Mako Shark/Baby in the game don't have black eyes. But in real life, they do. 
  • The Assassin Shark's missles can go through shark cages and kill the people inside. 



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