Trained by the Russians for moon landings
— In-game description.
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Take to the skies!

Astronaut Baby

Astronaut Baby

The Astronaut Baby is a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.


"Reduces Gravity & protects from DepthBeaching damage. Can be equipped alongside standard babies." ~In-game description.


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Astronaut Baby

The Astronaut Baby costs 300 gems.


The Astronaut Baby reduces Gravity by 50%, and protects the player's shark from beaching damage and depth. This can help lower level players if they have the gems to pay for it, but in general it keeps you from loosing too much levitation by drenching the boost in one's jetpack for all sharks, so "falling out of the sky because the boost bar was low" shouldn't be a problem anymore.


The Astronaut Baby resembles a Baby GW in an astronaut suit. In water it doesn't seem to eat much (especially compared to a normal player-shark baby), but in space it somehow manages to munch on things through its headpiece.


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