A born killer, That attacks almost anything that moves!
— In-game description.
Baby GW


The Baby Great White Shark, also known as the Baby GW, is the baby version of the playable Great White Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.


It is a companion that can be assigned alongside the Great White Shark as well as giving the Player a 25% Stamina Boost.

The Baby Great White Shark has one of the most extensive diets of all the baby sharks, being second to none other than the Baby MegalodonLittle Daddy, Snappy Junior & Alan Jr.


The Baby GW costs 120 gems.The baby sharks that are more expensive than the Baby GW are the Astronaut Baby, Clown Baby, King Baby Shark, Zephyr Baby Shark, Baby Megalodon, Little Daddy, Snappy Junior & Alan Junior as they cost 300 gems, 600 gems and 900 gems respectively.


The Baby Great White Shark is the fifth most powerful Baby Shark while only being overwhelmed by Baby Megalodon, Little DaddySnappy Junior and Alan Junior. It is a highly efficient companion as It swims alongside the main shark and consumes prey nearby. If the Baby Great White Shark is successful in eating the creature, points will be awarded and health will be restored to the main shark.

The Baby Great White Shark also grants a 25% stamina increase to the parent and possibly reducing the Health drain by a small amount even though it does not tell you. 


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