Never has a baby of any species been this terrifying! Special bonus power - reduces health drain of parent.
— In-game description.


The Baby Mega is a companion that can be bought and assigned Only to the respective shark, the Megalodon. Like its parent, it has a large scar on the right side of its snout that leads down near its over-sized gills. It has the fourth broadest diet of every baby shark, the third being Little Daddy, the second being Snappy Junior and the first being Alan Jr.


The Baby Megalodon can be bought/obtained by spending 300 gems.


The Baby Mega is a devastating force during gameplay. It will swim along with its parent, eating everything inclusive in the diet of the main Megalodon. It is the fourth most powerful baby shark as it can eat anything a Megalodon can, and it will rush towards prey automatically. Devoured prey will be sent to its parent Megalodon. It provides a 30% increase in boost stamina.

It also has a special bonus power that decreases the Megalodon's Health Drain Acceleration, especially useful as the Megalodon's health depletes faster than any other playable shark (with the exception of Big Daddy, Mr. Snappy & Alan, Destroyer of Worlds) in Hungry Shark Evolution.


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