The Baby Snow Shark was a prize baby shark that made its first appearance during the 2018 SharkMas event.

It is a special baby shark that can be equiped alongside baby sharks and other special sharks if the player has brought the Shark Signal. It has the ability to freeze prey for you similar to the Ice Baby.

To unlock it the player was required to traverse to the 'Titanic Zone' (Note the Titanic Zone is the new replacement for the North Pole) and build the snowman by finding all it's five missing pieces. Having the Sleigh equiped can make the event easier as it features a magnet ability which increases your collection range for event items.


  • Even though it's a prize it's technically not a completely free prize as getting to the Titanic Zone requires the player to buy the 'Titanic Ticket' which costs 10 gems for each trip.

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