Tigers love to hunt in pairs, so let them!
— In-game description.
Baby tiger

The Baby Tiger Shark is the baby equivalent of the Tiger Shark. When equipped, it swims alongside the main Tiger Shark and only leaves occasionally to attempt to hunt down prey. As it can be equipped, it is considered an accessory. The Baby Tiger Shark is the sixth most powerful baby shark.


The Baby Tiger Shark can be obtained by first selecting the regular Tiger Shark, then going to the accessory store. A payment of 50 gems must be made in order to make the Baby Tiger Shark usable in play.


The Baby Tiger Shark swims alongside the main Tiger Shark, only leaving its side when another creature comes along. In the event that this happens, the Baby Tiger Shark will rush forward and attack vigorously, regardless of whether or not it is actually capable to taking down the creature.

If the Baby Tiger Shark is not able to take down the creature, it will continue attacking until the main Tiger Shark swims a certain distance away, causing the Baby Tiger Shark to leave the creature and catch up. If the Baby Tiger Shark is capable of taking down the creature, points will be awarded and health will be restored to the main shark.

The Baby Tiger Shark also provides a 20% stamina boost.


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