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The Bad Santa is a special Christmas enemy in Hungry Shark Evolution, introduced to the game in the Christmas-themed update of 2014. The Bad Santa is a flying enemy that has a resemblance to a helicopter. It also has a resemblance to the previous Santa of 2013, which was known as Enemy Santa rather than Bad Santa. Bad Santa is a hostile enemy that travels in the air on a sleigh. He can only be found in Christmas Wonderland, as opposed to the former Enemy Santa who could be found in the regular map. Unlike the original Santa he does not have any reindeer to pull his sled. He has a pirate hook, and he seems to be drinking a champagne bottle and his sled seems to fly on its own. Under his sled appears to be an opening that will drop bombs but not presents disguised as bombs unlike the old Santa. Bad santa gave free food (not literally) when you used Megalodon or better. 


When near the Bad Santa, the screen will zoom out. The Bad Santa can be heard to say "Merry Christmas! Happy Christmas! Ho ho ho!"

Bad Santa then turns around and repeats this behaviour until he is eaten or disappears from the screen or map. 

Killing Bad Santa will greatly increase your Gold Rush meter, however he will not grant extra time in the Christmas World. Playing as the Robo Shark or Pyro Shark or using the Jetpack makes Bad Santa much less difficult to kill, as the shark allows is able to fly and target the Santa's weak spot without having to struggle with aiming and timing jumps, as well as being able to fire mines, and the Jetpack also enables flight.