Barracudas appear in every installment of the Hungry Shark series. They're long, fanged fish that tend to appear throughout the map. They can be eaten by all sharks.


Barracudas yield 20 points each, unless something that affects point yield is active, such as the Laser Beam's electrocution or the Ice Shark's freezing ability, both of which increase the points prey yield. Their reward level is low; golden barracuda give 4 coins.


These fish are found underwater, typically in places where an underwater current is active, and are relatively uncommon. They usually swim alone. However, on few occasions, two barracuda can spawn near each other but won't interact.


Barracuda tend to be lone in nature. They swim away when they notice a shark near them. They're a harmless species of fish, although their appearance often gives the impression that they are hostile creatures (especially to new players). When playing as the Reef Shark, they can be a bit difficult to catch because of their speed; even with boost.


In Hungry Shark World, they are hostile and will attack the player's shark if encountered, although they usually spawn alone unlike the similar behaved Anglerfish and Patagonian Toothfish. They quickly swim away from the shark and curve back to attack it. It is hard to catch them without boost.


  • In the real world and HSW, these fish are much more hostile and predatory and they can attack humans.


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