The Basic Map is a buyable feature which allows you to see the whole map, allowing you to plan your route. During the game, it is a radar icon that you can tap to enlarge. It also shows the entrance to the Crab Lair and shows the Daily Reward. It costs 2000 coins, and is easily the single most valuable item in the entire game. It can be upgraded to the Mission Map and the Treasure Map. Basic map unlocks all the locations in the game. It also tells you your position.

When accessing the map screen, playing time freezes. The map screen also allows access to the pause menu and the missions screen.


  • Cannot be used In the arctic land or the crab lair, along with the Shawaii or the Alien Planet.
  • The icon for your shark will change when the shark is starving, eating, getting hurt, and in the first few seconds after reviving.
  • Unlocks the mission map and treasure map for purchase
  • In the latest version, if you zoom in you can see that your shark icon is animated.
  • If you open the map while entering the crab lair, you will not be able to close it and will have to quit the game.

Treasure Map


Complete treasure map, click to enlarge

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