A heavy duty shark with the widest mouth
— In-game description.

The Basking Shark is one of the many new sharks added into Hungry Shark World and is one of the 3 XXL tier sharks in the game alongside the Great White Shark and Whale Shark. Since it has a wide mouth, it can be used to offensively rampage through many creatures in the water, as well as out of water.

Pros & Cons


  • Very large mouth capable of eating large amounts of fish at once
  • Very large diet and high health
  • Can maneuver on land quite well


  • Can get stuck in tight spaces, like the Swimming Pool
  • Large size makes it hard to avoid mines, jellyfish, volcano jets and toxic barrels
  • Very expensive and takes a long time to unlock and upgrade
  • Upgrades cost lots of coins


1000 gems or 100 000 coins.


IMG 4315

In game, the basking shark eats humans, but in real life, it eats plankton. And it has a few small teeth.

  • It's one of the only 3 filter feeding sharks in hungry shark world. The others are Megamouth Shark and the Whale Shark.
  • It however doesn't have an enemy version, despite there are enemy versions shown in what they can eat.
  • The Basking Shark is the only shark in Hungry Shark World without teeth.
  • The Basking Shark originally costs 120,000 coins, however it later got updated.


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