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The Beach Ball in the air

The Beach Ball is an inedible item that appears in Hungry Shark Evolution. It is located in the very middle of the map-world, in the narrow bit of water between two islands, just west of the sunken object "Leaning Tower of Pisa". If it is hit upwards, a mini game with the same rules and objective as Keepy Uppy will be initiated. When bounced up by the shark, you gain one point and one coin. The more you hit, the more points you get. After hitting the ball 5 times without it dropping you will be awarded with a gem. Each bounce of the ball gives you points and coins.

Hungry Shark World


In HSW, the beach ball spawns in the Swimming Pool in the Pacific. It is bigger, making it hard to bounce it with weaker sharks. In order to get rewards(100 coins per ring), you must throw it through rings of fire. Like in Evolution, the shark moves faster on land when touching it.


Best recommended as Megalodon, you lie on land or in water (best is land) put the beach ball close to your mouth but not on in and you will keep getting coins and gems until the ball rolls off!



The beach ball underneath Megalodon

  • If the shark is on land and the ball is on top of the shark, it will sort of make your shark to not move until it rolls out.
  • The Beach Ball can be kept up by all sharks. It can be more fun to play "Keepy Uppy" if you swim there with a smaller shark than the Megalodon or Big Daddy.
  • The Beach Ball is the only certain source of gems at all times (The Crab Lair would be, too, if the Crab was always inside!).
  • It seems easier to control the Beach Ball with a Reef Shark, Hammerhead or Big Daddy than with Mako, Great White or Megalodon.
  • When a shark is on top of the beach ball on land, the shark can control the beach ball and the ball acts as the Skateboard when the shark is in top of it.
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