Beaching is the term for the event in which your shark gets stuck on land. It plays a major factor in speeding up health drain, and is a factor effective in all games in the Hungry Shark series. However, its function and cause differs across the games.

How to Beach Your Shark

Your shark gets beached by leaving the water, and jumping or flipping onto the land. In some instalments in the series where it is not possible to flip onto the land, you must jump using boost. However, in some instalments, it is not possible to remain beached: your shark will be immediately be transported back to suitable swimming areas, still losing a portion of health.

In others, you may freely peruse the land; provided that your shark is powerful enough to move itself across land and survive. The prominent example is Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World, where a fair portion of the explorable map is the land, populated with native creatures. There is even an accessory that allows for easy travelling on land, which aids against beaching on Evolution.

Megalodon and stronger sharks from Hungry Shark Evolution can easily save themselves from dying from being beached, as they're practically almost the same size as most patches of land anyway, and they can move on land very fast.

Many items on Hungry Shark Evolution can stop beaching and beaching damage, such as the Skateboard and the Astronaut Baby.

Effect on Gameplay

In most installments of the Hungry Shark series, beaching is an instantaneous event. When the player's shark becomes beached, it loses a moderate amount of health and is instantly transported back to explorable waters. It is not possible to remain beached.

In Hungry Shark Evolution and World, beaching drastically increases health drain. It almost doubles health drain and it can easily kill most sharks. Beaching also interferes with movement, slowing down movement speed and movement intervals more than underwater currents, plus, if a shark falls on land after flying, It'll get damaged, like in previous installments.


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