Were you looking for the Big Momma from Hungry Shark World?
A newly discovered prehistoric colossus. Some say this beast was responsible for the extinction of the Megalodon...
— In-game description.

The Big Daddy, based on a Dunkleosteus, is the 7th playable and 9th largest playable creature in Hungry Shark Evolution. While technically not a shark, it is the 10th strongest creature in Hungry Shark Evolution, exceeding the Megalodon in capabilities and size. It can grow up to 14 meters (Previously 30 meters) in length

It needs 150000 points to trigger Gold Rush, only 25000 points more than Megalodon.


The Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) costs 150,000 coins or 900 gems to unlock instantly.



Big Daddy - No One Is Safe - Official Trailer

Big Daddy dwarfs all sharks below the Megalodon. He has the 10th most health, with 250 (previously 325). However, Big Daddy's health drains very quickly.

Big Daddy's diet consists of Death Mines and even Mini Subs. Instead of running in front of Mini Subs, he can destroy them from anywhere in a single hit. He can also eat Mini Sub Torpedos, and is able to destroy Enemy Robo Shark,

Helicopters, and Biplanes in one hit, instead of 2 hits with previous sharks. Big Daddy has armour on some of his body, which allows him to deflect Mini Sub Torpedos on that area. Also breaks small cages in one hit.

His tongue can also stretch out to pull in large prey. During a Gold Rush, this colossal fish can achieve a score multiplier of x80.

Personal Pet

You can buy Little Daddy, which gives your Big Daddy an extra 30% stamina, as well as substantially reduces the health drain speed, prolonging your survival time as well as its bonus, for 300 gems, the same cost of the Baby Megalodon.



Name Objective Reward
Mine Muncher Pro Eat 10 Death Mines 5,250 coins
Chopper Chomper Take Down 15 Choppers 4,250 coins
Cage Crusher Eat 30 Cage People 5,750 coins
Boat Wrecker Sink 30 Boats 5,000 coins
Mega Feast Eat 6 Enemy Megalodons 5,000 coins
Migration Annihilator Eat 10 Rare Birds 4,750 coins
Shark Man Snack Eat 5 Shark Men 4,500 coins
Crab Surprise Kill the Black Giant Crab 5,500 coins
Super Mission 7 Score over 40,000,000 points! 50,000 coins



The Big Daddy has a broader diet in Hungry Shark Evolution than the precedent sharks, being able to eat almost anything except Toxic Barrels, Volcanic Jets, and sharks larger than him.


Big Daddy is based off of a mutant version the actual extinct fish Dunkleosteus. Dunkleosteus was not a shark but actually an armored fish. The game gave Big Daddy details the Dunkleosteus didn't have such as:

  • The real-life Dunkleosteus would never have actually met the Megalodon because the Dunkleosteus lived In the Paleozoic Era (Devonian period) while the Megalodon Lived in the Cenozoic Era (Neogene period). Note that dinosaurs lived between both periods and died out in The Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event.
  • The Big Daddy's pharyngeal jaw is likely inspired by the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, as there is no evidence that the Dunkleosteus had a pharyngeal jaw
  • The game developers call it "A newly discovered prehistoric colossus", possibly claiming that Big Daddy is a new species of Dunkleosti. This might explain the mutant tongue.
    785 dunkleosteus felipe arias.jpg


  • The Big Daddy is actually bigger than the Megalodon.
  • No real-life Dunkleosteus was ever as large as the in-game Big Daddy; the largest Dunkleosteus reached 10 meters (equivalent to a Great White Shark), with a Megalodon being between 15 and 18 meters
  • The only thing that appears in the removed museum that the Big Daddy can't eat are Toxic Barrels.
  • When originally released, Big Daddy was about the same size as the Megalodon but, as of update 2.8.0, the Big Daddy has been increased in size. At maximum size, this can prove to be a problem, because it will get stuck in tight spaces.
    • This bug was fixed later, making the appearance much smaller
  • A "Little Daddy" can greatly help your Big Daddy, because it reduces the speed of the health drain.
  • There is a mistake in the model of him in that he lacks gills.
  • When he dies, his eye sockets disappear creating a very eerie look.
  • Since the Crab Lair may not be available in some devices (being closed), those that are not able to enter the Lair also entails incompletion of a mission that a Big Daddy requires (Crab Surprise), and consequently, the Super Mission.
    • Due to this, the affected players might have a harder challenge to obtain the Missile Launcher (an item that can be obtained free through 75 missions)
  • Since the Big Daddy is very large, it may not be able to pass through all paths, otherwise it may be difficult to get in and end up getting stuck - which may lead to death.
  • It is the same as Big Momma (HSW) divers can’t hit this shark


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