The Blacktip Reef Shark is the first playable shark in Hungry Shark World. It is unlocked upon entering the game for the first time.

As suggested by its size group, the Blacktip Reef is the smallest and weakest shark in the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Can eat smaller prey.
  • Slightly fast shark.


  • Can be eaten easily if the player is not skilled enough.
  • Shark with the Lowest Health in the game.
  • Cannot eat larger prey.
  • Cannot eat larger sharks.
  • Smallest shark in the game.
  • Cannot break anything.


The following table shows how the Blacktip Reef Shark can be improved with upgrades.

Upgrade Speed Bite Boost Cost
Base 84 50 63 0
1 93 57 70 25
2 102 65 77 50
3 111 72 84 75
4 120 79 90 100
5 (Max) 129 86 97 150


  • Despite being the first shark the player gets, Its stats aren’t all-around, like it usually happens: instead, they’re more focused around speed. Despite that, even the slowest S shark is faster.
  • It’s the second time a Reef Shark is the first shark obtained in a game, the first time being Hungry Shark Evolution's Reef Shark.
  • The black reef shark is about 3.5 feet



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