Blob Fish is a creature/fish that appears in all of the installments of the Hungry Shark series, and is normally found deep under water.


Blob fish are fish that are found in various parts of the map, and normally very deep down. They are usually found in small groups. They are one of the most reliable sources of food for any shark, as they restore a vast amount of health, sometimes completely filling the health bar of weaker sharks.

Blob fish can be helpful, especially when fighting the Giant Crab. When using a very strong shark, the blob fish cannot replenish full health because of how much the shark has.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Blob fish in Hungry Shark World appear to be paler and spawn in bigger shoals. They don't replenish as much health as they did in Hungry Shark Evolution.

IMG 4676

A blob fish as it appears on the missions screen.


  • Blob fish spawn inside the Crab Lair, along with Crabs, the Giant Crab, Tuna, and Jellyfish.
    • This makes them the best source of food in the Crab Lair, as they fully replenish the health bar of the Reef Shark and Mako Shark, and replenish at least half the health bar of every other shark.
    • With the Megalodon and stronger, however, if its health is almost empty, the blob fish won't replenish full health.
  • Blob fish are real fish that live deep down in the water. When taken out from the water, their body becomes crumpled and in a way squashed due to the unsuitable pressure.
  • Although blob fish are real animals, they do not look as bloated when in their higher pressure natural habitat and only inflate when brought up from the depths. Blob fish are actually inedible. This is probably because it is a gelatinous mass with not much muscle.
  • In real life, blob fish is in the family called Psychrolutidae, and inhabits off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. They also inhabit Tasmania.


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