Bottles are items found in Hungry Shark Evolution. They are easily distinguishable from other items and creatures in the game. Like crates, bottles are inanimate objects which serve little purpose in the game.


Bottles can be found in large areas of open space underwater. They are generally a fair distance away from underwater rock formations and walls. Bottles spawn individually, and are a bit rare. There usually will be a couple bottles in deeper and larger areas, and less bottles in shallower areas.


Eating Bottles

When bottles are eaten, they make the sound of breaking glass, similar to a submarine (or Mini Sub) window. They replenish a little bit of health and give a small amount of coins. They won't give too many points for gold rushes for bigger sharks, but give a lot of points for gold rushes for smaller sharks. Crates are the superior version of bottles. When you eat a bottle, it gives you 50 coins.


  • The substance in the bottles appears to be sand, or more logically, gold dust
  • They float around random areas of the map
  • Bottles aren't available in the Windows Phone version, but do appear in the Windows 8 version of the game
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