“Tough with a powerful bite” in game description.

The Bull Shark is a shark in Hungry Shark World. It has a great bite force, with higher stats, but less health than the Goblin Shark


Bull shark's starting health is 140 but his max is 182. His bite is 202. His size is about 12 feet. Despite being in the large category, the Sand Shark and the Thresher are bigger than him. Bull shark is also the shortest shark in his class

The Bull Shark is not a very threatening presence in the ocean. Being an L Shark, he's got a decent diet for his price, but his stats are sort of mediocre. If you're looking for a good Shark in the L tier, the Mako Shark is your best bet. It can do everything the Bull and Goblin can and more.

Pros & Cons


  • Can eat lots of prey in Hungry Shark World.
  • Eats the fastest in the Large sharks group
  • Cheapest L shark to obtain


  • You need a fast reflex and skill to escape; very hard
  • Low Health
  • Shortest, smallest shark in group
  • Low Boost compared to other sharks in the group


  • The Bull Shark used to be the shark that appeared in the game's logo, but later on got replaced by the Great White Shark.


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