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This pet has a colossal appetite for Jellyfish!
— In-game description.

Colin the Colossus is a pet in Hungry Shark World. He is an improved version of Kraken.


Colin the Colossus, just like Kraken, can eat every kind of Jellyfish, except for King Jelly, in Hungry Shark World. It also gives quadruple points for everything it eats.

This pet is a very useful pet for L Sharks and smaller, because they lack the ability to eat Jellyfish. This not so little guy lets them venture deeper than normal and also lets them get to places normally infested with Jellyfish.

It can also eat Red Jellyfishes, which is effective for clearing out an area filled with it.

Colin will also eat other enemies if there are no jellyfish nearby.


An example of contest with Colin as a prize

In order to receive a Colin the Colossus, a player has to win any contest, in which he appears as a prize, in the Top 2%. He can also be obtained on Day 10 of the Daily Rewards


  • You don't need Colin the Colossus if you own an Atomic Shark due to the fact it can eat all jellyfish like Kraken.
  • You can get it in Daily Rewards.
  • While colin has suction cups, Kraken doesn't.