The Crab Fork's a powerful accessory in Hungry Shark Evolution. It's effect is that it does double damage against the Giant Crab. The Crab Fork is compatible with all Standard Sharks (except for sharks that are part of the Top Secret Lab), and is a highly effective tool for hunting down the Giant Enemy Crabs because it reduces the amount of hits by 2 needed to kill the Giant Enemy Crab.


The Crab Fork costs 100 gems. For the 12 deals of Sharksmas, the player can get the crab fork for 50 gems if the player logs in consistently for 12 days starting on Christmas Day.


The Crab Fork doubles the damage done to the Giant Crab bosses, when equipped. This is very useful, especially if you are using a Megalodon or a Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus). It allows you to defeat the red Giant Crab in two hits (weaken, and then kill).


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