The sign of the Crab Lair.


The Crab Lair is a location in Hungry Shark Evolution, that is home to the Giant Crab. The lair can be found by following through a cave. The lair may not be compatible with every mobile device.

Entrance to the Crab Lair

The Crab Lair is located near the farthest point of your map to the left. It is marked by a bright orange symbol on your map. The entrance to the Crab Lair is a dangerous area, as volcanic jets, green jellyfish, crabs, mines, and rarely a pyro shark or electric shark, can damage your shark and reduce your shark health.

Physical Appearance

As suggested by the name the Crab Lair is, in its rawest form, nothing but a cavern with a wide variety of crabs. The entrance to the lair is a large door with a crab engraved on it. By simply swimming towards the door, one can easily reach the Crab Lair.


In the Crab Lair there is a wide variety of species including Small and Giant crabs, small fish such as sardines, health restoring preys like Blob Fish and Tuna. These foods can be utilized to regenerate life while fighting the Giant Crab. Also you may VERY rarely find a Kempy Bass in the Lair. There you will find the red crab, the green crab, blue crab, and most dangerously, the black crab. But sometimes you may not find a crab in the lair.

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