Crab Surprise is a mission assigned to the Big Daddy.

Shell Location

Midway through the Death Tunnel.

How to Complete

You must kill the Black Giant Crab to complete this mission. This mission is probably Hard because the Giant Crabs are all extremely deadly, tests of skill and endurance and all four of them must be killed to complete the mission. The mission is also impossible on some devices due to the fact that the crab lair gate won't open on those devices.


The Giant Crabs are found inside the Crab Lair on the far left of the map, in the tunnel below the Electric Guitar. There are four types of Giant Crabs (from weakest to strongest):

  • Red Giant Crab
  • Yellow or Green Giant Crab
  • Blue Giant Crab
  • Black Giant Crab.

Each crab is much bigger and stronger than the previous crab. The crabs must be killed, in order, to cause the next color to spawn. Each color can only be beaten once per save file, except the Black Giant Crab which will respawn infinitely.

The Giant Crabs will swipe at your shark with his pincers. You must dodge these pincers, while remaining in range of the crab. After the third swipe, the crab will become exhausted and will reveal his vulnerable "Weak Spot". Charging at the "Weak Spot" with boost will deal massive damage to the crab. If you take too long, he will recover and once again hide his weak spot. Repeat this until the crab is in agony, in which he will shriek in pain very loudly and allow you to launch your final attack at his back.

The Crab Fork can help you kill the crab faster inflicting double damage to him, but it's not available on some devices. It costs 100 gems to purchase.


Upon completion you will receive 5,500 coins .

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