Death is the primary element of gameplay in all instalments of the Hungry Shark series that is dependent on health. The games in the Hungry Shark series all revolve around the basic principle of avoiding death for as long as possible, by eating enemies and unlocking more powerful creatures. Death occurs when the health meter is fully depleted. After death, your shark can be seen sinking to the bottom of the water. Death will cause gameplay to cease, unless your shark is revived through means such as paying gems - this feature is not available in all instalments of the series, only Hungry Shark Evolution.


Death is always caused by the sole event of the health bar becoming empty. However, this can be brought about or accelerated by many methods, as listed below:

  • Allowing the health meter to naturally deplete.
  • Taking external damage from enemy creatures.
  • Being beached.
  • Taking damage from hazardous objects.
  • Being affected by pressure damage.
  • Jellyfish venom
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