A Depth Charge is an explosive item dropped from Helicopters  (&  Santa in the Christmas Wonderland .) in Hungry Shark Evolution . They deal 50 damage and have a high danger level. When entering water they slow down and are easy to dodge. Depth charges can only be eaten by a Megalodon or better. Otherwise the depth charge will explode & damage the shark . Lava Baby can protect the shark against them, the Flak Jacket also protects the shark from depth charges depending on how many are bought with gold (up to a maximum of 10) They can be extremely dangerous when the shark is on land. Any shark weaker than the Megalodon should just escape & swim away from the depth charges & the helicopter altogether, as the helicopter can be deadly to the smaller sharks. As of newer updates, the helicopter spawns at higher altitudes and no longer appears at a low enough altitude to drop Depth Charges on smaller sharks.

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