Divers are a type of human in the Hungry Shark series. They are equipped with swimming gear, from aqualungs to goggles. Divers are generally armed, and their weapons are either spear guns or knives. Speargun divers can appear in small diving cages (1 diver) and in big ones (3 divers). In cages, they can be very dangerous to smaller sharks. Best to attack big cages with Megalodon, or above.


Divers are harmless when not "disturbed". If the player's shark comes too close for their comfort, they attack. The knife divers have very short-ranged attacks, and can only attack at point blank range, whereas the speargun divers can shoot from a long range. Knife divers become hostile if the player's shark goes directly near them, whereas speargun divers become hostile from a medium range. If the shark gets very near to an harpoon diver, He'll start attacking your shark like a Knife Diver. the spear stuns you for a second.

To fight them,Use Natasha to shoot them.

Appearance in Hungry Shark World

Divers with knives chase the player's shark at close range and stabs the shark. Speargun divers are very deadly in Hungry Shark World , as they attack from really far range and do a lot of damage. They also sometimes spawn in groups and kill the player's shark in seconds and the constant knockback makes it almost impossible to get to them.

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