You should always go head on and eat them, as they can deal serious damage if they get the chance to get you from behind.


Eels are a prey type in Shawaii that stays in the ocean near volcanic vents


"Eelectrifying" will appear when they use the lightning attack on you, causing to disable your boost and deal damage as they continually bite you, as their attack method is extremely similar to the Electro Shark's. They are highly agressive in the game, and will spawn in groups of twos and threes.


It will sometimes reward you with a gem when eaten, and will give 4000 of points when eaten.

A golden eel will give you 50 of coins.


  • Real electric eels will not try to attack you in real life.
  • Electric eels give a large portion of gold for gold rush meter.
  • Eels will not always use electricity, but they will bite yougam
  • The eel in the game seems like a combination of moray and electric eels
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