The Elves are small, human like creatures that allow the shark to travel in the Christmas Wonderland. They are no longer in the game and only existed during the Christmas Wonderland update.


They walk very slowly, but, when they reach the water, they'll start swimming faster than a normal bystander. Sometimes, probably due to a bug or glitch, Elves will dive into the water when frightened: they'll sink form few metres at first, then teleport back to the water surface. When your shark is near the elf, the elf will scream and then run or swim.

Elfs do not spawn anymore in the regular world.

Note: This bug seems to have been fixed


When you want to go in the Christmas Wonderland, simply find one and eat it or go to the portal where the Reef Shark and Megalodon spawns. When you eat one, the shark will shrink and it will drop in the world for a limited amount of time (more or less 25 seconds), while if you go through the portal, you spawn into the world with 59 seconds on the clock, extending time by eating either Penguins or Elves.

Every Elf you eat in Christmas Wonderland will extend your time by five seconds.

He is a little slower than Shark Man

Stunned Elf
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