An evil great white making a foolish attack on a player's atomic shark

1. Enemy Megalodon Can Be Found in Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea And South China Sea. in South China Sea, It May Spawn in Groups of 2 or 3, it Can Only Be Eatten By !! Shark (Megalodon in Console)

2. Enemy Big Momma Can Be Found Only in South China Sea. It May Spawn in Groups. (More Frequently Spawn in Console Version)

3. Enemy Atomic Shark Also Exclusive to South China Sea. It Only Spawns in The Cavern in Sewers, (More in Console Version)

4. Enemy Mr. Snappy, Only Found Exclusive to Console

5. Enemy Robo Shark, Spawns in Sky (Exclusive to PC Version)

Big Momma hunting killer whales in picture
Mr snappy attack a king jelly
Mutant dolphin and megalodon on artwork
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