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Enemy electro shark!


The Enemy electro shark are enemy sharks that are located near the surface of the water. It will sometimes yield a gem. These are new sharks introduced in Natasha the Narwhal's update. Possibly, only the Tiger Shark and stronger can eat the enemy shark. To complete Resistance is Futile, you must eat 10 Enemy Electro Sharks. This mission is moderately hard, because the Enemy Electro Sharks are scattered around the map, but they respawn fairly quickly.

Spawn Locations

Electro Shark Spawn Locations


  • It sometimes spawns near the Arctic Portal Turbine
  • It can electrocute your shark sometimes.
  • Being hurt by it might give you the accolade "It's electrifying!", "Static Shock" or "assault and battery"
  • It can stun your shark even on Gold Rush and gives you the same accolades.
  • In The Expo 2018 Update. You May Spawns More in Many More in the Location of the Map
  • They spawn near the Shawaii Portal.
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