The Enemy Ice Shark is the evil version of the Ice Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. It was released in the Christmas Update of 2014, and is the first Top-Secret Lab shark to have an enemy or evil counterpart.


The Enemy Ice Shark only appears close to the bottom of the Christmas Wonderland or the Arctic land. The Christmas Wonderland is currently inaccessible, so the ice shark can only be encountered in the arctic land which can be accessed through the arctic land portal that's close to the daily bonus chest.


It shoots icy breath from its mouth but instead of immobilizing you, as the standard Ice Shark's ice breath would, it just slows your shark down for a time. Except if you use Santa Baby, it won't have an effect on your shark. Then, it will rush on the shark, biting it.


  • When killed, the carcass will be the flesh of a Great White Shark and the bright blue color on the Ice Shark will be black.
  • He's also the only shark to be found in the Christmas Wonderland and the only one with a special attack.
  • The reef, mako, hammerhead, tiger, and electro shark can't eat the enemy ice shark.
  • When the Enemy Ice Shark uses it's ice breath it will freeze nearby prey if it hits them.
  • The enemy Ice Shark has been reported in the normal world however this could possibly have been a bug and this event has not been documented in a long time suggesting it was patched.
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