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Enemy Moby Dick is the enemy version of Moby Dick. Only other Moby Dicks can eat outside of Gold Rush. NEW: Leo can eat out o' gold rush.

Fun tip: The Enemy Moby Dick sometimes appears small, about half the size as Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. But if you are using any sharks other than Moby Dick, after you gained Gold Rush and come back to eat it, it will appear huge, which is the size of a full grown Moby Dick.

Enemy Moby Dick is the 7th enemy shark that does not apply a slow-motion roar when being eaten.

The enemy moby dick applies a different animation when being eaten, it will be shredded to thousands of tiny pieces and a huge amount of blood, then disappear in the ocean.

Danger Rating

A Danger Rating Was Extreme and Amazing 500 Damage Points to Instantly a -1 Health to Gain Gems By Big Daddy and Lower.

Enemy Moby Dick seems to deal no damage when it attacks.


The Following Location Have:

  • Just Left of Sunken Item Leaning Tower of Pisa (Common)
  • Just Above the Crab Lair (Common)
  • Just Right of Space Portal (Uncommon)
  • In The Open Area Above Kempy Cave (Common)
  • In the open area above the Angler Fish Cave (Extremely Rare)
  • Near Western Sea Sign
  • just above sunken item (golden horseshoe) near the portal to ice world (rare)
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