"I don't approve stubs!" -Mr.Snappy.

Enemy Mr. Snappy in the Mr.Snappy information.

Enemy Mr. Snappy is the evil counterpart of the regular Mr. Snappy. He is assumedly one of the most powerful enemy "shark" in the game, after Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.

This deadly creature is sufficient enough to instantly kill a Tiger Shark and lower. It can only be eaten by the regular Mr. Snappy and Alan, Destroyer of Worlds without a Gold Rush. Enemy Mr. Snappy usually spawns near the Space Portal and Moon on Stick area along with Enemy Big Daddy.

If you are playing as a Big Daddy and lower or as a Robo Shark and your mine cannon is empty, don't sit around near it hoping for a Gold Rush, as this deadly enemy can end your game instantly. If you are Mr. Snappy and higher, or the Robo shark and your mine cannon is loaded, then you can eat this creature without any issues.


There is a Mr. Snappy guarding the Moon on a Stick treasure along with an Enemy Big Daddy and Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. He almost always spawns near the Shawaii portal. Mr. Snappy also spawns west of the western sea sign, and in the middle of the ocean area where the Big Daddy spawns.




Enemy Mr. Snappy in gameplay.

  • The Enemy Mr. Snappy is the third most dangerous enemy in the game, only suceeded by Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds and Enemy Moby Dick. It can kill a Megalodon and a Big Daddy immediately, even when the shark has full health.
  • He also sometimes spawns near the sunken item Bog Brush.
  • It is seen slightly larger than its playable counterpart.
  • This evil counterpart did not exist in game until the space update. In the space update, this evil enemy was added along with the Space Portal (now Shawaii Portal) and Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.
  • Eating it will always show up the accolade: "Ooh Snap!".
  • It's the one of two enemy sharks that isn't shown in the Museum, other being Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.
  • If you want to get to Shawaii without meeting this furious foe, rush to the portal before 1 minute has passed and he has a much lower chance of spawning.
  • When the Enemy Mr. Snappy was first added, the playable Mr. Snappy could not eat it.
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