Enemy pyro shark


Enemy Pyro Sharks are sharks that were added in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Olympics update for Hungry Shark Evolution. They attack the shark with their dragon breath then lunge and bite your shark similar to an Ice Shark. They can be eaten by a Big Daddy and up (Mr. Snappy and Alan, Destroyer of Worlds).


The Enemy Pyro Shark is usually found near the Crab Lair, 50 meters above the Shawaii Portal, in the death tunnel, and Underwater Fire Jets. The most common one is the one near the Arctic Portal.


  • The Enemy Pyro sharks dragon breath will not affect you if you equip the lava baby but the bite will.
  • The enemy pyro shark looks evenly sliced up when eaten.
  • The enemy pyro shark seems to have same model with playable Pyro Shark.
  • It is smaller than playable Pyro Shark.
  • It's Dragon Breath will render a player powerless, making it hard to kill.
  • In a glitch, sometimes eating it will give you fire resistance.
Pyro Shark Spawn Locations

Spawn Locations

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