Enemy Santas are obsolete enemies that were found exclusively in Hungry Shark Evolution. They appeared as the iconic Santa Claus sitting on a sled with reindeer carrying the sled. The Enemy Santa would drop down deadly depth chargers disguised as presents. He was introduced in the Christmas update of 2013 and was removed in the successive update.He comes back every Christmas.


Enemy Santas could be found above the water level. There were few in number when the Enemy Santa was still in the game. Now however, they can be found in the Christmas Wonderland. However, it is very hard to get there. 


The Enemy Santa acts simaler to the helicopter, it drops bombs from his sled which was carried by reindeer, but the bombs were consumable by Megalodon, Big Daddy and Robo Shark The movement of the reindeer was highly unpredictable and could make the Enemy Santa hard to kill. Enemy Santa would make a scream when he was eaten, and the sled would explode. Enemy Santa would laugh periodically and say "merry christmas!".

Killing Enemy Santas

Enemy Santas would only be killed if the attacking shark managed to attack the Santa directly; attacking his sled or his reindeer would not cause the enemy to die. However, you could bump around the sled and change its direction by hitting the sled instead of Santa. The reindeer could not be touched and are part of the background, trailing the sled, whenever Enemy Santas appear, except if you use Robo Shark, you can just simply shoot mine at any part of the Enemy Santa or his sled.


  • After the Enemy Santas were removed from the game, FGOL added the helicopter enemy which is the exact same thing as the Enemy Santa but with a different appearance.
  • Strangely, there was more than 1 Santa Claus per game.
  • The Bad Santa (in 2014),is similiar to the Enemy Santa.
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