1. The Evil Megamouth shark can only be found in arctic ocean. It is found by a sunken ship and behind a
    stone barrier in the middle of pink jellyfish and by the angler nest. They spawn in groups of 3-4 so be wary of them if you're large and below.

Evil Megamouths require a XL or above shark to eat. They can kill a XS shark in one bite. They have the weakest jaws of all evil XL sharks but are the hardest XL shark to eat. They are dark brown in color and have scars and injuries on them and have blood dribbling down their mouth.

2.The Evil tiger shark can only be found in Pacific Islands,Arabian sea,South China Sea and in Harbor.The can only be found in much coral parts.Sometimes you can find them hunting their prey in groups or being solitary. The evil tiger sharks are very aggressive sharks and like the evil Megamouth shark, they can kill an XS shark with a single bite.

It is necessary to use a shark XL or higher to devour them, you can also notice some cuts in the pactorales fins and behind the dorsal fin and in it marks as of bites.

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