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The Eorhincodon is a 5-star near-extinct shark and a tank in Hungry Shark Heroes.


  • Likes: octopus
  • Tier: XXXL
  • Max level: 50
  • Power: 10003
  • HP: 8306
  • Attack: 100
  • Critical: 15%


Active Shark-fu (can be unleashed manually in battle)
  • Ultra kamikaze (lv. 5 max; 24 s): Deals 780 damage to ALL opponents and to yourself. If opponent is eliminated by this attack, you can instantly use this Shark-Fu again.
Leader Shark-fu (Boosts the whole team if this shark is the team leader and is alive)
  • Critical charge (lv. 5 max): Increase your team's critical rate by 15%.
Special Shark-fu (grants unique advantage to this shark)
  • Victory charge (lv. 5 max): Restore 28% HP when this shark wins a round.


Best teammates (combo with these sharks to build your ideal team)
  •  ?
  •  ?
Favorite enemy (you'll turn this shark into chum)
  •  ?


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