Evil Great White Sharks are the enemy counterparts of Great White Sharks, exclusive to Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World. Evil Great White Sharks differ in appearance to the playable Great White Sharks. These creatures are hostile and are extremely dangerous presences if encountered.

Danger Rating

Evil Great White Sharks have a danger rating of Extreme, making their attacks deal massive amounts of damage (75), which is sufficient to instantly kill a fully grown Reef Shark. Even worse is that they are quite common, being a great threat for beginners.


If an Evil Great White Shark is within medium distance, the game will zoom out the camera to alert you of its presence. If approached, or it happens to swim by your shark, the Evil Great White Shark will automatically lunge at your shark and bite.

Evil Great White Sharks seem to swim about randomly - there is no definite movement for them, similar to other evil sharks.


Evil Great White Sharks can be found in areas where the water is deep. They are pretty common and sometimes appear to the left of the map, above the Crab Lair; they are almost always found near the right/middle portion of the map. Many of them are found in the right-most area near the Kempy Cave, Near The Sunken Item of Jade Dragon it Also Spawn in 1. In the first version of the game, it has been found in the location of the Moon on the Stick, however it was replaced by an Enemy Megalodon, then later was replaced with an Enemy Big Daddy or an Enemy Mr. Snappy or an Enemy Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.



  • Like all Evil/Enemy counterparts of sharks, the Evil Great White Shark sports a darker colour and more ragged appearance.
  • The Evil Great White Shark closely resembles the protagonist shark of the Hungry Shark Trilogy.
  • The screen zooms out when you approach an Evil Great White Shark , even when you are a Big Daddy. This may be done to show that either it is still dangerous to a Big Daddy or that it has high rewards.
  • The reward on it is marked Extreme yet the danger is marked Extreme so these beasts are a threat, even to Moby Dick
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