Evil Hammerhead Sharks are the evil counterparts of the playable Hammerhead Shark, exclusive to Hungry Shark Evolution. Evil Hammerhead Sharks differ in appearance to the playable Hammerhead Sharks. These creatures are hostile and can be quite dangerous.

Danger Rating

Evil Hammerhead Sharks have a danger rating of High, which means that they can dish out a lot of damage when they attack.


Unlike the Evil Great White Shark, the game will only zoom out to alert you of an Evil Hammerhead Shark's presence if you are playing as either the Reef or Mako Shark, as the Evil Hammerhead Shark is really only dangerous to those two types of shark.

If approached, or the evil shark swims by your shark, the Evil Hammerhead Shark will lunge and strike regardless of your shark's type. Evil Hammerhead Sharks swim randomly - they have no definite movement pattern.

They can be found alone or in the groups of 3.


Evil Hammerhead Sharks can be found at medium depth water, close to sea beds, or in deep water. They can appear in the left, right or centre of the map, making them the second most common evil sharks.

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