Evil Reef Sharks are the evil counterparts of the playable Reef Sharks. Evil Reef Sharks are exclusive to Hungry Shark Evolution, and have a darker complexion than the playable Reef Sharks. They are aggressive yet only slightly dangerous creatures. They are the most common evil sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.

Danger Rating

The danger rating of the Evil Reef Shark is Medium. A Medium rating indicates that the creature can deal quite a few damage points, and it could be lethal if they attack in groups


Evil Reef Sharks may cause the game camera to zoom out, to indicate the shark's presence. However, this only occurs with the Reef Shark.

Evil Reef Sharks lunge and attack your shark if you come into range, but luckily they deal small amounts of damage compared to other evil sharks. Evil Reef Sharks swim about randomly with no predetermined movement pattern. This behaviour can lead them to "accidentally" discover your shark and initiate an attack.


Evil Reef Sharks can be found anywhere less than 90 meters below sea level. They are most common near the left part of the map, where the Reef Shark spawns under rock formations. They always spawn in groups.

There are always some Reef Shark near a shark diving cage.

Sometimes they spawn under 90 meters, the limit of depht a reef shark can reach.They are very common in spawn points. They can also be found near Hammerhead Sharks.

  • Another glitch is they can spawn inside large diving cages.
  • There is also a glitch where they can be megalodon-sized.
  • Evil Reef Sharks have a danger level of medium, despite their surprisingly high damage (of 35) . This may be because they fall prey to every shark in the game. The same rule applies to Stingrays .
  • Evil Reef Sharks can be mistakened for Mako Sharks.
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