Fire Geysers are small, cracked holes about the width of an average Reef Shark that spew out hot magma. They are found during the path to boss creatures such as the Enemy Big Daddy guarding the moon on a stick, and the Giant Crab. They can be very annoying, as they hurt a lot, and usually can't be avoided unless you wait about 5-10 seconds for them to cool down for a little while. They are one of the few hazards that are not in the Museum, the other one being the Toxic Barrel, which was removed from the museum in the latest update. Fire Geysers appear in small, tight spaces. 


Fire Geysers spew out concentrated, highly dangerous magma in vertical eruptions. The eruptions last for a few seconds at a time, and during the time magma flows consistently at a regular rate. After a few seconds, the eruption ends and the Fire Geysers become inactive for a few seconds. Afterwards, they erupt again.


  • Since Fire Geysers guard the paths to bosses and dangerous enemies, you should choose a shark that is just competent enough to defeat the enemy if you wish to cross the Geysers' path. The reason for this is because Geysers force you to wait for extensive periods of time, during which a more powerful shark would suffer from insane health drain. Less powerful sharks have less health drain, so you should pick the weakest shark possible to defeat the enemy.
  • Don't attempt to charge through Geysers. Geysers deal massive amounts of damage, especially if you barge your way through multiple Geysers. You should wait for Geysers to become inactive temporarily before you move.
  • It is best to avoid Geysers whenever possible, despite the Geysers leading to enemies with super high rewards. The risk of your shark dying is too great, unless you are willing to spend gems to revive. If you buy Lava Baby and equip it, you will be immune to Fire Geysers.
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